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The Truth About SEO Services

The Truth About SEO Services

Not EVERY website can benefit from an SEO Service

If you’re using a drag and drop template ‘website builder’ type service, we simply cannot get deep enough in to the source code to make your website stand out from the 100,000’s of other websites using EXACTLY the same source code as your website.

These include the DIY ‘website builder’ service offered by the likes of Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, ionos (1and1), Fasthosts, 123-reg, Godaddy etc.

There are also a number of Website Design Providers that charge a monthly or yearly fee to maintain / update your website. Yell is one of the largest examples. They will not give you or us access to the website.

Finally, there are lots of website designers and agencies that have spent years developing their own Content Management Systems. If your website is built using one of these, we can’t help you. Sorry.

There is no Software Program to do SEO

There are simply too many factors outside the scope of ‘Software’. The proof of this fact is that your website is already using software, and it’s not getting the results you desire.