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How Search Engine Optimisation Works

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Before I explain how SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) works, it’s useful to understand what SEO is and bust a couple of myths.

What is SEO?

The term refers to Search Engine Optimisation. It means optimising the code and the content on your website so that it appears higher in search results.

Why isn’t my website already SEO’d?

With all due respect to Website Designers or Web Design Agencies, it’s not their job. Most will follow basic practices when they design & build your website.

What is SEO?

In a nutshell, SEO is carrying out certain activities on your own website AND on a number of external resources to influence how high your website appears in search results on search engines such as Google, Bing and other search sources.

Success in Search Engine Optimisation Service (SEO) is measured by how high your website shows ‘naturally’ or ‘organically’ in a search engine when a user searches for the products, services and information that your website offers.

The first goal is to appear on the front page of Google, second is to climb to the 1st position.

Once you nail the SEO for your website, the ongoing visitors to your website cost you nothing. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. It generates new visitors month after month if you’re willing to carry out certain tasks to maintain the SEO for your site. The amount of ongoing activity is dependent on the popularity of your chosen search term(s). These search terms are often referred to as ‘search terms’, ‘keywords’ or ‘key phrases’. 

I have 2 lists that I have created and maintained over the past 20 years. List 1 is the stuff that needs to be done once that guarantees a higher search result position. List 2 is the stuff that needs to carried at regular intervals to maintain your search position.

Some SEO Service Myths

  1. There’s no off-the-shelf SEO Package. The only way I could create a package prices is if I assume that your website is so screwed up that it needs to be rebuilt from scratch. That’s expensive, and is very rarely the case. So instead you only pay for the bits that are actually required from my 2 lists.
  2. Being a Google Partner has nothing to do with SEO. This is one of my pet peeves. Many SEO Providers bang on about being a Google Partner, which ONLY means they can work on Google Adwords pay-per-click advertising. This is NOT SEO. Read About The Google Partner Program & SEO.

First and foremost, you need be appearing on the front page of Google.

What SEO isn’t

SEO is not how high your business appears in search results when users search for your business by it’s name. If you’re not being found for your own business name you need to get rid of your website designer right now.