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About Search Engine Optimisation

My professional SEO is entirely bespoke for each website and business I work on.

It’s not one-size fits all. Anyone that tries to tell you otherwise, or tries to sell you some kind of off-the-shelf type of Monthly Service, or sign you up in to a 12 Month contract generally doesn’t do SEO for a living. They sell SEO for a living.

SEO is time consuming and requires expertise that cannot be achieved with a machine or piece of software. Believe me, if it could be packaged up and sold for a Monthly Fee I would have done it Years ago.

I limit the number of companies I can work with at any one time. I GUARANTEE my Website SEO results..

Quick Facts about my SEO Service

I’m the SEO expert. I have a full-time in-house team that assist me on your project. All fees shown are flat rate, regardless of how many of my team work with me on the various activities we carry out on your website.

I offer a FREE 15 Minute Consultation. After that I charge £60.00 per hour, capped at £360 per day for SEO consultancy.

  1. It’s VERY likely that we’ll need to get your website prepared for SEO Optimisation. This is charged at £60.00 per Hour.
  2. We will work on a number of external sources that have definite affect on your search engine position. This is charged at £45.00 per Hour.
  3. Next up is the actual Website SEO activity. This is the bit that has the required affect on your Search Ranking Position. This is the bit that comes with a money-back guarantee. This is charged at £75.00 per hour, and involves all 3 of my team working on your website.

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